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Speed Reading – The Basics

Below is my free speed reading tool that I’ve developed for public use, you can change the speed of the text display, font size, colour, how many words are displayed at a time.  You can simply paste in any text you like. I designed this to work on pc’s, mac’s,iphone’s and androids. What the tool does is, you paste in any text you want to speed read. It then flashes up on the screen x amount of words at a time. You can control the amount of words it flashes up and the speed ( words per minute ) via the controls. By doing this it helps with regression, chunking, and helps you increase speed by changing the speed control to a level your slightly uncomfortable with it will help you to grow as a speed reader.



There is no guarantee that this well help your reading speed. Also anything states on this site is my personal opinion and not a fact. 


The techniques describer in this site are generic speed reading techniques and some individuals will not experience a increase in their reading speed.


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